The Guinea Habitat Bundle
The Guinea Habitat Bundle

The Guinea Habitat Bundle

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Spoil your Guinea pig with The Guinea Pig Habitat Bundle!  *Fabric of choice. You pick your fabric pattern* 

  • 2x4 C&C $170.00 

2x4 C&C Liner , 2x2 C&C Liner, Fleece Forrest or Hammock. The Cozy Bundle which includes a Cozy tunnel with pad Cozy Sack with pad, and a 10 inch Bed with 2 pads. 

  • Midwest Habitat  Bundle $160.00

Fleece liner, Fleece Forrest, Cozy Tunnel OR Sack, 10 inch bed with 2 pads, Set of 12x12 inch Peepads.

My liners are made 2 inches bigger than normal size for extra room and use Uhaul padding.

Since this a large bundle, please message me and I'll send you pictures of fabric available.

If you like other size bundle, message and I can work a size bundle liner that works for your Guinea pigs home. 

Each Bundle is Free 📬 Shipping 🚚