Collection: Quilted Guinea Piggies

Wheeky Wheeks! I have Quilted Guinea Piggies that need loving homes! 

My Quilted Guinea Piggies are made with 100% Quilt Cotton Fabric. They weigh approximately 6-7 ounces depending how much fluff they have inside.  They are 11.5 to 12 inches long.  

They all come with their own adoption cards. 

Will you be the lucky Pawrent to adopt one of my Lucy's Cozys Quilted Guinea Piggies? Each one is unique and different. No Quilted Guinea Piggy print pattern are the same. Each one is uniquely Quilted and hand sewn with lots of love 

For an additional $6.00 you can add a cute matching bow, that will be placed on its ear.  The bow decoration will be a matching color bow with a matching flower or button.




Pattern used with permission from Funky Friends Factory