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Lucy's Cozys

Cozy Sack - Mystery Print

Cozy Sack - Mystery Print

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Simple Sack

Mystery Print Cozy Sacks.

  • Mystery Print Stay Open Sacks come with pee pad $20.00
  • Simple Sack has NO Boning. They are regular sacks with no pee pad. $15.00
  • Mystery Print Extra Pee pad for Sack $7.00 - pee pad print will be random print. May or may not match the sack depending on fabric availability. 

Fabric will be ramdomly picked with what is available in stock. 

Sacks are a safe way to bond with your furbaby. You can use for lap time and safe way to pick her/him up into.  Sacks are made with double batting

*Fabric print will be handpicked by Lucy's Cozys.  Same quality as regular price. 



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