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The Guinea Habitat Bundle

The Guinea Habitat Bundle

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Spoil your Guinea pig with The Guinea Pig Habitat Bundle!  *Fabric of choice. You pick your fabric pattern* 

  • 2x4 C&C $225.00 

2x4 C&C Liner , set of 12x12 inch pee pads,  Set of 10x10 inch pee pads. Our popular bundle ser which includes a Cozy tunnel with pad, Cozy Sack with pad, and a 10 inch Bed with 2 pads with our signature unique bow.

  • Midwest Habitat  Bundle $160.00

Fleece liner, Hidey Forrest Curtain, Cozy Tunnel OR Sack, 10 inch bed with 2 pads, Set of 12x12 inch Peepads.

    •2x6CC Grand Bundle $265.00

2 (2x3CC) Liners ,  set of 12x12 inch and set of 10x10inch pee pads,  The Cozy Bundle Set which includes a Cozy Tunnel with pad, Cozy Sack with pad, and a 10 inch Bed with 2 pads.

2x3CC  + 1x2cc Loft Bundle Set $265.00

2 liners 2x3cc, 2 loft liners, 2 ramp covers, 1 Cozy Sack and pee pad, a 10inch Cozy Cuddle Cup with 2 pads.


My liners are made 2-3 inches bigger than normal size for extra room to allow any shrinkage.

Since this a large bundle, please message me on the shop or email me and I'll send you pictures of fabric prints available.

If you like other size bundle, message me and I can make a Custom Bundle Set that works for your Guinea pigs home. 


All Cozy items take time to cut and sew to make each item cozy safe for your precious little piggy. My processing time is between 3-5 weeks, but I tend to get them finished sooner depending how many orders I'm working on.


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