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Please check out the Guinea Pig, Rabbit and Hamster Rescues I follow, donate, help in fundraisers. Please visit their links and see how you can help by donating or adopt a furry friend, or follow their Social Media Accounts. 

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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

Located in the Valley of Chatsworth, California. A big dream Ranch filled with lots of Guinea Pigs that need homes, medical attention. Saskia Co-Founder of Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue since1999 is the "Guinea Pig Whisperer" to me. A large team that run this rescue with Volunteers and Donations. LAGPR offers rescue, sanctuary and adoption services as well as free wellness checks, nail clips, advice and ongoing support to all guinea pigs and their owners. Guinea pigs are rescued from city shelters and private parties.

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Join the Wheeker's Guinea Pig Group on Facebook. A private group that has 11.8K members.

Vegas Friends of Guinea Pig Rescue

Located in the City that never sleeps, Las Vegas,Nevada. Las Vegas Guinea Pig Rescue is dedicated to helping the small animals of their  community. A  501(c)3 Non-Profit Rescue. Please click on their Link Tree to see how you can help this Rescue.

Instagram Page: Vegas Friends Of Guinea Pig Rescue

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Little Hearts Rescue

Ways to Help Little Hearts Rescue. Please click on their LinkTree how you can help their Rescue.  Little Hearts Rescue is an organization that is desired to rehoming small animals, specially guinea pigs. A 501c3 Non Profit Small Animal Rescue in Northern California.

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 Southern California Guinea Pig Rescue 

A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of neglected, abandoned in addition to at risk Guinea Pigs.

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Home Sweet Hammy Home

A sweet Home Rescue located in Tucson, Arizona. Where Carrie who is the founder of this Rescue. Here she and her team run a 501(c)(3) non-stop rescue in helping hamsters, pet mice, and guinea pigs. The name of her rescue says it all for all the little animals that are fostered and rescued. A loving home called Home Sweet Hammy Home. Please click on her 🡲 LINK TREE how you can help and educate if you want to rescue a Hamster.

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