Cozy Care Instructions



All Lucy’s Cozys are machine washable.

Before washing your cozy item. It’s recommended to use a brush to sweep away all pieces of hay, fur and poopies from fleece.


For best cleaning results of your piggy cozy item, please use fragrance-free & unscented laundry detergents, Use a 30% vinegar in the Bleach dispenser to deodorize, sanitize and soften your Cozys and Liners , Do not use fabric softeners!

 You can air dry or if you use your dryer, please do not add any fabric dryer sheets.
Many fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain residues that can build up on fleece.

It’s recommend to change your fleece items when bedding is soiled especially when damp. If you are using pee pads, you can flip them over and use them if they are dry. If not dry, recommend to place new pads in your piggies home.

This will prevent fungal foot and bumble foot.

Plus your piggy will love it’s home when it’s clean and dry!