Meet Lucy From Lucy's Cozys

  My beloved beautiful Lucy came into our lives when her owners could no longer care for her anymore. I had never cared for a Guinea Pig before. But, my new little girl quickly stole my heart. She was a very special guinea piggy to me.

I saw so many cute adorable items for Guinea Pigs online and wondered if i can start to make her own fleece Cozys. So, I bought a basic sewing machine and started to practice on my own.  Slowly with practice, stitch by stitch I  learned that I had a crafty creative side in making her own Cozys.

Little Lucy lived a wonderful life with me and we both had a unique special bond. But sadly Lucy got ill with CHF (congested heart failure). After several weeks of medications and trying to nurse her back to good health, I knew I wouldn't have much longer time with her.  I gave her so much more love than my heart could ever give.  She was a very special guinea piggy to me.  Lucy passed away peacefully in my husband's arms. 

I opened up my little shop and named my little store in her honor, Lucy's Cozys.  All my cozys are handmade with the same amount of love I gave to my dear Lucy. She inspires me to make all these wonderful cozys for all Guinea Pigs and small animals around the world to enjoy as much as she would, if she were still be present. 

I decided to continue adopting guinea piggies, and learned about a wonderful Guinea Pig rescue that is not to far from me. There I began to adopt from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue.  There I had adopted these precious little angels.  But sadly through out the years they crossed over.

🌈Patches aka Pachees

🌈Matador aka Matty

🌈Oddey aka Kadeshia which she was featured in one of Saskia 📽YouTube Video. Click ▶️ HERE

🌈Ivory aka Princess

🌈Ginger aka GinGin

🌈Marjorie aka Little Mamas

Please click HERE to see my current Guinea Piggies that keep mama very busy!

Happy Wheeks!


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