Collection: Pick Your Fabric Print

Is there a print you seen and like?  Want a Cozy item with your favorite print in mind?  Well your in the right place! 

Wheeks! Let me design your piggy his/her own special design Cozy accessory. .

My Cozys are made with dense thick industrial foam that stay open and do not flop after several washes.  I uniquely decorate my cozys.. 

Machine I use is Janome Continental M7 QCS. 

Once your order is placed, I will personally email or text you which ever information you leave.  And we will chat in designing your piggy a personal cozy!

 Pictures in this section are some Custommized Print Cozy Beds my customers picked out.  

Fabric shopping 🛍  for your piggy is so much fun! 



 All Cozy items take time to cut and sew to make each item cozy safe and pawfect for your precious little piggy. My processing time is between 2-3 weeks, but I tend to get them finished sooner depending how many orders I'm working on. I will be in contact with you as I'm working on your order.